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Updated: May 22

This is a hail mary pass to my family and friends. The title is vague due to censorship.

The Bible says casting your pearls to just anyone will get you trampled to death. But I feel led to try to warn one more time because they are now coming after the children hard.

Greater love has no one than this, that one should lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13


Topic: The Vaccine, Coronavirus, etc

They do not want you thinking for yourself. They do not think you are smart enough. See the link to a Forbes article below. You don't have to read it. I'm just using it as an example:

I digress.

Just had to get that out of the way. On to the topic at hand.

Please don't give in to pressure before you have prayed about it and read things for yourself from both sides. Only one side is getting the most media coverage.

Professionals and individuals that are voicing their concerns on the vaccine are getting gaslit and character assassinated.

Any professional that tells us matter-of-factly to our face that the vaccine is safe for all, is lying. With all due respect. There is no way anyone knows that yet. I could really stop there...but if I'm going for it, might as well let her rip.


Have you listened to any of the ACIP meetings for yourself?? They are appalling.

We are the data they'll use to fill out their package inserts for the side effects (those package inserts are blank right now because they DO NOT have data yet).

This is the first time this technology has been used on humans (that the general public is aware of). Long term data will not be available until it's been used LONG TERM.

There's barely any short term data, folks! Even when they do come out with their long term data, I honestly don't trust a bunch of people that think the world is too crowded and we should have population control (bunch of eugenicists run this world, btw). Yes, God is in control. I have no doubt.

So don't pull that card, please. Instead, pull out the Bible and find every verse that warns us to not be deceived.

And anyone that says it's safe for pregnant women - how can they say that? The vaccines haven't even been used long enough to determine that.

These people are not liable for any injury or have no one to sue if things go south for you or anyone in your family. It's been that way since 1986 with all vaccines.

Also, see line 13.1 on just about any vaccine package insert. They still don't have that data.

They say you need to root your choices in facts from reputable sources....who are those reputable sources? Who is not bought? Who do you put your trust in?

People have been living their lives fairly normally for MONTHS. Or at least we have in my area. Now all of a sudden, all the new variants are coming out? And now children are at risk and dying? What's really going on? (Rhetorical question)

The FDA knew about some possible side effects last year and still push for every man, woman, and child to get this vaccine.

This is a screen shot from October 2020. Why aren't they telling people of this? Where is the informed consent?

Click the picture for an eye-opening link.

See the comment section below to view the source video for this slide.

I reflect on a time that my husband and I had the flu at the same time years ago. We were in bed CONVINCED we were dying. Couldn't breathe. Our bodies couldn't move. We had no strength. We were so sick. Our girls were little and taking care of us. They fended for themselves for 4 or 5 days. It was a hot mess.

I imagine if that would have happened to us in March - May 2020 and what effect it would have had on our healing process seeing the images of people dropping dead in the street in China of a respiratory bug on TV.

Seeing article after article of death and destruction in our social media feed and on television.

Plausible scenario: Maybe we would have went to the hospital and gotten pumped full of convalescent plasma, Remdesivir, monoclonal antibodies, or whatever cocktail that particular ER doc would swear was the best treatment. Who really knows what all of this is doing to people.

Every doctor has different opinions on treatment, what works, what doesn't work, etc.

Then we also have people being treated by "protocol" using the above mentioned treatments. I for one would rather not be treated with a protocol but as a unique human being with unique needs.

No one really is speaking on what treatments people are getting and how it may be adversely affecting people. Maybe even causing some of the long-haul symptoms?

Out of all the traumatic articles and posts I'm seeing, seems important details are being left out. What treatments were and were NOT successful? If the public knew these things, maybe we could make better decisions for ourselves by putting our heads together instead of showing up to the hospital and saying "yes" to this, "yes" to that and becoming part of the "protocol". Just thinking out loud here.

All these low oxygen you think if in the past we would have been measuring everyone's O2 when they've had severe pneumonia, bronchitis, massive sinus infections, etc we would have found that our O2 sats were low?

These scary headlines just keep telling us people are dead. But I want more information. What was the progression that led to the death in detail? What was the treatment? How, when, where, how much, etc.

For example, they were raving about how incredibly well my mother's heart, liver, and kidneys were doing and maybe two days later, she was in kidney failure and not outputting any urine. How did 'covid pneumonia' cause that? (Update in the comments on that). Are some of the treatments causing more harm than good?

Where was everyone at when people were dying of the flu in very high numbers? Where was the concern for those people?

From this point on, before you go out and do anything, ask yourself:

"Would I be doing this during a deadly worldwide pandemic?"


I know many doctors and nurses that are speaking out because enough is ENOUGH. Many of them are walking away from their careers because they won't take part in it any longer. Mostly nurses...but there are a few doctors risking it all, too.

There is a profit to be made in all this. That is a fact. And a profit HAS been made in all of this. Anyone that tells you otherwise is a liar. Question: Have flu and pneumonia been rebranded? Like they rebranded polio to Guillain Barre or transverse myelitis? I know people are getting sick. I see it firsthand. So I'm NOT saying people aren't getting sick. I am asking questions as we all should.

Before anyone comes at me, my Papa had polio and my Momma and step-dad died in a COVID ICU. I have not pulled those cards out yet....but I just did. Because everyone's perspective is different and NO ONE is going to tell me I don't know what it's like to watch a loved one die. I truly feel for what everyone is being put through.

It's trauma based mind control. We are being traumatized into submission. All of us. No one is immune to it.

I'm not sure everyone realizes this is so much deeper than we think. This ends when more people say NO. Enough is enough. Start asking questions. Stop being scared. God did not give us a spirit of fear!

Next time you want to pull out the polio card, research polyomavirus simian virus 40 and The Cutter Incident and get back with me! I am losing patience, Lord forgive me. People are dying and my heart just aches for everyone!

People who claim to believe the Bible: How do you think a beast system works and rises? Like the Left Behind movies??? 👀 In a step by step, obvious way? Or maybe in a more deceptive not so obvious way?

Deception can be layered and has to be peeled back like an onion so often!

Where are the watchmen? Where are the elders of the church? They want to inject the entire world for a virus that kills less than one percent of the population? No red flags being raised here? The world population is unchanged according to the data as of me writing this.

If there was a legitimate world-wide pandemic, wouldn't those numbers be affected?

Also, you wouldn't have to convince the public of a pandemic through celebrity endorsement if it were legitimate! You wouldn't have to bribe, coerce, and threaten people to get an experimental vaccine.

They have more pandemics planned, per their practice scenarios. God have mercy.


And before anyone says I do not have a heart for the 1%, what about my friend's son who nearly died after getting the vaccine?


I mentioned up there about "the people that think the world is too crowded and that we should have population control and that a bunch of eugenicists run this world".

Let that sink in. They want a lot of us gone. Poof. It's literally carved in stone on the Georgia Guidestones and a plethora of other places. I don't say that lightly. Why would I just put that out there if I hadn't seen enough to make that claim?

Get right with Jesus. They want to kill more of us off. That's blunt, but true!

How many more have to die before the watchmen rise up?

I'm not saying definitively the vaccine will or won't do that. What I am saying is why would you trust these people over your God-given senses when you walk out the front door? Just trying to make people think!

Something bigger than any of us can think of is happening right in plain sight. I don't have all the answers, but I'm darn sure sharing what I can see with my own two eyes and hear with my own two ears. Praise God for my eyes and ears. Thank You Jesus.

I love you. I darn sure wouldn't be putting myself out there like this if I didn't. Please know that.

If you refuse to participate in this experiment on the human race as a whole, life may not be easy for you. They are making that very clear. Not easy AT ALL. You may have to say permanent goodbyes to family and friends that are out of the country.

You may lose your job. Friends and family may want nothing to do with you.

Normal life might be out of the question. No college.

I don't really know exactly how it will all go down. I have to be honest with you about that. This is why you don't wait until the SHTF before you start thinking and praying about these things.

I also know that it's a very real possibility that this (all of this...everything that's happening) is a controlled demolition of our country (maybe even the world?) to introduce a new system of governing the world as a whole.

One in which a figure may come in and "save us" from this madness. Be vigilant on that front, too. It's a mess and discernment is a must.

There are many unknowns. It's at that point I place my trust in God. But I know not everyone is at that point in their spiritual walk. So this is difficult! I know! It's difficult for me to think about, too.

If you are out there and know something is not right, you are not alone! There are many of us! Something in some of your spirits out there has got to know something isn't right.


If you have gotten this far, here are links to TONS of information I've put together. It will take days to really read and digest. Time is short.

This is my hail mary pass 🖤

Here are the links:

* Begin Your Own Research

(I will show you step by step how to look at the VAERS data yourself)

* What's scarier than a virus?

(Get comfortable for this one. There a lot to see)

* "The Mark of the Beast" - I have questions!

(This is applicable!)

* The Days of Noah and God's Judgment

(Very controversial. Take it to the Lord in prayer and bust out your Bible.)

* When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated - The New CDC Update

(The plan to divide us and pit us against one another is unleashed)

*Living Well - Wellness tips!

(Mental, spiritual, and physical tips for wellness)

Much in these links is controversial. And for that, please see my homepage for disclaimers!

I'm learning right along with you guys. I don't know it all. None of us do. Not even the experts. You can tell that because they backpaddle so much it can make your head spin.

Doublespeak (from them) leads to doublethink (by us).


"I am the man who euthanized people with COVID19 Protocols. I quit." (Remdesivir)

A NURSE'S TESTIMONY - A must watch. Could save a life.

This video sounds like what SO MANY people went through in the hospital. It's tough to listen to if you have lost someone, I do need to warn you of that. It was tough for me to listen to because everything sounded eerily familiar.

15th September, 2021 - This is Albert Spence, a 31-year pulmonary nurse veteran, now no longer working as a practicing nurse due in large part to the changes in the hospitals' Covid policy. It is chilling to watch how Albert Spence came to realize that he was aiding and abetting the demise of patients under his care, due to the change in Covid policy - specifically the PCR Test.

What he says about the PCR Test may be a little confusing, so please see the 2 minute video (below this video) on how important the cycle threshold has been throughout this whole ordeal.

It's WAY past time the protocols be questioned.

Original Source :

Follow up video to watch (two minutes long) on cycle thresholds as mentioned by Albert Spence. This is an important point, folks!


Lastly, if you get sick and trust your doctor, then by all means, take care of your family how you see fit. There are some great docs out there 🖤

More in the comments below.

Information about religious exemptions.

Also, a little bit about Monkey Pox and whatever other random things that might be important to see.


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