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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Our Lives Mapped Out: Let's examine the "heroes" in a few short videos that are hard to find now if you are new to this. You've been told all of this stuff is a bunch of conspiracy theories. But have you ever really looked at any of it? You be the judge of that and don't let anyone gaslight you for what you are seeing and hearing with your own eyes and ears.

I debated putting any of this content on my site. But where I see us all going presently, I can't go down without showing some of these things. Why, though? What's the point?

The point is, they will dumb us down, divide us, traumatize us into submission, and even kill us to further an agenda. That's blunt, but it's the truth. Your heroes. The ones being put on pedestals. Bush, Trump, Obama....all of them.

Many of us were into conspiracies, far down many rabbit holes, and far from Christ when we first started diving into seeking the truth. Some of the content in these videos is so eye-opening that many people realized none of these men are their heroes and none of them would "save them". Many realized the only true Savior we have is Christ Jesus. No man. No government. That's testimony! And that's why all truth is important. Don't diminish anyone's testimony if the truth pulled people out of the pit.

So let's dive in! I want to make it easy for you and save you some time so you don't have to spend time in the rabbit holes like I did.


Radio Host Bill Cooper Predicts 9/11 - They Killed Him 2 Months Later

"Illuminati" Mind Control - Real Footage


DONALD TRUMP FOOLED THE ENTIRE WORLD (Will he do it again in 2024?)

ALL 9/11 Plane Impacts (Witnesses React)

Video credits go to: Xendrius


If any of this opened your eyes to the world we live in, and you want to dig deeper, I would like to tell you that that will be difficult. Much has been scrubbed and now "truthers" such as Alex Jones and David Icke have been exposed as controlled opposition. Many of us had to learn that the hard way. Anyone can provide truth with 99% accuracy; but slipping in that 1% of lies and outright absurdities can be detrimental and deceptive and lead you down endless rabbit holes and wasting much time. So there's that. Don't go and start "following" any of these characters. That's just my advice. I have several short blog posts that skim the surface and pretty much show you the laid out plans to save people from having to search. Everything is pretty much getting 1984'd anyways. I'm trying to save what I can before it's impossible to find.

Future generations will need to know these things. That's assuming God let's it continue! He is merciful giving us so much time....

Apply critical thinking and use discernment to come to your own conclusions regarding the content in videos/links. Please read all the disclaimers on my homepage.

I am not left or right. Not even "in the middle". I don't care about the celebrities or politicians other than to expose what liars they are. There is no religious denomination I belong to. I am not part of any movements or groups that have an agenda. These videos above are a few short old school videos to give one a glimpse as to why I and many others make those claims. People get upset and will say things like, "move to another country then!" Why would I want to do that? I am grateful to be born in America. This is where God placed me! I have enjoyed having the illusion of freedom while the big plans roll forward. Ignorance was bliss. I digress.

Jesus Christ is my Messiah and all I want to do is peacefully serve Him and pull others out of the pit if they are willing to grab His hand. If you are not willing to grab His hand, I dust my sandals off and move on.

But I encourage you to choose on this day whom you will serve. Tomorrow is not promised and He could rip through that firmament at any time. It is my sincerely held belief that once He rips through the firmament, that's it. No more chances. Stop trusting, idolizing, and following man, I implore you.

If they are on the world's stage, they were put there for a reason and allowed there. Whether it's a pastor, politician, or celebrity. I always consider that when I listen to any message from anyone or listen to music.

They want us to hate each other. I refuse to hate my fellow man. They want us divided because we are easier to control in smaller sects. I am praying for us all and I want us all to make it. That is not what's written, unfortunately. But we still keep on keeping on. God's will be done.

I will add more in the comment section below as I come across it.

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